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What is Touch Sensing Software and what is the difference between Pk40 and MK40( associated with tsi)?
Freescale provides a library called Touch Sensing Software(TSS). The TSS solution transforms a typical Freescale microcontroller into an area capacitive touch sensor controller. The touch sensor controller comes with an ability to manage multiple touch pad configurations and mechanical keys while maintaining its standard MCU handle function.
The library provides commonly used touch sense decoding structures for example a keypad, a rotary, a slider, a good analog slider, an analog rotary, and also a matrix. The latest version freescale released is TSS_3_1_0.
To create the project :
1. Firstly copy the binary library through the TSS that is suitable for you. 2. In the example folder there are various example projects for different processors. Copy the project for your processor. So here i'll tell you about K40 board. It comes with an inbuilt touch interface. And you possibly ca…


What do you get when you cross real Social concern with cutting-edge Technology? You get an up-and-coming Embedded Systems company dealing in end-to-end Industrial IoT Solutions.

When Abdulla Khan, an established, successful entrepreneur wished to start a product based company, he decided to focus on the one area which was destined to grow and grow exponentially – IoT.

In a true-life case of a small startup going on to make big, CASCADEMIC started out small with just one employee in Sept 2012, later three to four people joined and more again as the company expanded.

Ably supported by close friends who were also his ex-colleagues, CASCADEMIC was started in a small house rented out for this purpose opposite Khan's residence, with the office on the first floor and the ground floor serving as employee accommodation.

In keeping with the principles of Abdulla Khan and his wife Shakila of caring for the welfare of their employees, boarding and lodging were provided free of cost initiall…