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LoRa and its suitability for IoT

With the explosion of Connected Devices and the IoT Revolution comes the challenge of choosing the right technology to use to communicate in your IoT application.
There are already a myriad of them: WiFi, BT/BLE, ZigBee, Cellular, 6LoWPAN and others, with new standards being born even as we speak.
One technology which is widely gaining popularity as particularly suited for Internet of Things is LoRa.
WiFi is the most widely used medium-range wireless communication technology today, mainly due to its easy access and wide application – be it home automation, lifestyle products, industrial products, health-care or Smart energy. BT is also universally used for its compatibility with most mobile units, robustness and high throughput, and the low energy version BLE has ultra-low energy benefits.
While Wifi, BT and ZigBee all come under personal area networks, if a wider range and more coverage is needed, LoRa is the answer.
Lora uses spread spectrum modulation and is specifically designed …